Join our Beginner Class - April 18

Join Our Beginner Class on April 18th at 5:00 PM.
Players looking for more information or to sign up can contact Cecilia at 408-323-7812.

Who is your favorite foursome to play with? Would your answer change if everyone you knew played golf? 
Help spread the love of the game so you can fill out your ideal foursome soon and for years to come.

Take The Pressure Off

Do you plan to play with someone who is new to golf? Try our Family Tees.
We have two sets of Family Tees on each hole at Cinnabar Hills. The forward one is for true beginners, Level 1, the next tees are for Level 2 players. The tees have been placed using US Kids Golf recommendations. Yardages are shortened and the number of hazards reduced. Playing from the Family Tees can help make the game more exciting, fun, and most of all, achievable. 
Many new players get discouraged because the initial difficulty of the game seems insurmountable. That, and the added pressure of playing quickly so no one is waiting while worrying about unknown rules and etiquette.
Introduce someone to the Family Tees your next visit:


Beginner Programs

Cinnabar Hills has some amazing programs to bring new people into the game.
After a lot of planning, teaching, testing, and adjusting Cinnabar Hills has developed a system that brings beginners into the game in a way that is fun, comfortable, judgement-free and most importantly achievable. After learning basic golf techniques, etiquette and rules they can progress from beginner to intermediate. After the intermediate lesson they will be able to play confidently without the pressure and fear that many failed beginners note as a deterrent from the game.
Set your friends and family up for success, let them know about our introduction programs. We even include use of our rental sets of clubs to minimize up front costs when taking up the beloved game.