It might be the most anticipated golf event every year. There’s something about the Masters that just embodies the spirit of the game of golf and golfers love it. As, of course, do we.
The Brandenburg Historical Golf Museum at Cinnabar Hills is home to one of the largest collections of golf artifacts and memorabilia in the United States. We have a great collection of Masters items.
Some highlights of our collection include an early drawing of Augusta National, a letter from Bobby Jones to a potential member, and the replica Masters Trophy.
The original drawing is a very special piece. Illustrated by famed golf course architect Alister MacKenzie, the drawing shows the proposed layout for Augusta National. An original drawing of the plans for, arguably, the most famous golf course in the world - we feel very fortunate to be able to this incredible artifact.
The letter from Bobby Jones is an original letter sent to Mr. Crawford Johnson to see if he was interested in becoming a member at the private club Augusta National. If you aren’t familiar with Mr. Johnson's story, he was the clever man who purchased the exclusive franchise rights to bottle and distribute Coca-Cola in 1902.
In 2002, the Lee Brandenburg Historical Golf Museum commissioned life size replicas of the major trophies in golf. Just like the original Masters Trophy our replica depicts the clubhouse at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia.
There are many more Masters items in the museum. Be sure to check out the awesome items at Cinnabar Hills.

Take a picture with our Replica Masters Trophy

Join us for our "Take a Photo with the Masters Trophy" Session!
On the Saturday of the Masters we will take the trophy out of it's case and visitors will be able to take a picture with the iconic clubhouse trophy.
Take a Photo with the Masters Trophy
April 8th -- 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Come on by for a picture and to watch the Masters with fellow golf fans.

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