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Employment Opportunities

Cinnabar Hills is currently accepting applications for the following positions:

Cart Barn Attendants
Food & Beverage Department
Grounds Crew

Please fill out an application and email to, or just stop by in person. You can also fax it to 408-323-9512.

Download the Cinnabar Hills Employment Application »


Mission Statement for Cinnabar Hills Golf Club:

You could be selected to work at Cinnabar Hills, one of the best public golf facilities in Northern California and perhaps the nation. We have a special golf course on a serene piece of property with a distinctive clubhouse. You could be the final piece of the equation that will raise us to the level of recognition that I believe we can attain with this facility. We want the customer to enjoy a golf experience that is unrivaled. The experience commences with the drive up our entrance road and is enhanced by the first employee of Cinnabar Hills to greet the customer. We want to make a great first impression and have that feeling continue throughout the day until the customer drives out of our gates. You could be the most important part of creating and establishing an image that others in the golf business will envy.

We will continually search for employees that will dedicate themselves to becoming an integral part of our team. You are being given an opportunity to make a difference in our operation. We want our employees to treat this job as if it is a privilege to be selected to work at such a special place. Some of us are here as temporary workers trying to make enough money to make ends meet; some of us are trying to make careers of the golf business. Regardless of your reason for considering this opportunity, this could be your chance to showcase your talents. This facility is a stepping stone for all of us. You never know how or when one of the 100,000 customers that visit our facility each year might be able to better your life in the future. This can be one of the best work experiences of your life. Make a difference.