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Water Conservation & Environmental Stewardship


The California Golf Course Owner's Association (CGCOA) presented The 2016 Community Environmental Award to Cinnabar Hills Golf Club

The award was presented at the 2016 CGCOA Annual Meeting held at Summitpointe Golf Club in Milpitas, California. CGCOA Board Officer, Michael Lautenbach, presented the award the team here at Cinnabar Hills including Cecilia Ashley, Dir. of Marketing; Ron Zraick, General Manager and Brian Boyer, Golf Course Superintendent.

The Community Environmental Award is presented to a CGCOA facility or management company that demonstrates excellence in the area of Environmental Stewardship.
Award Considerations:

Cinnabar Hills Golf Club was chosen for our efforts in both water reduction and overall sustainability. 
Over the past few years Cinnabar Hills has greatly reduced the amount of water used to maintain our beautiful 27 hole facility. And we've worked to spread the word about the importance of water conservation. The combination of water saving measures and our conscious decision to put in more drought tolerant native grasses shows our commitment to water conservation.
Cinnabar Hills is also a great home for wildlife. We know there are hundreds of birds that call the course home, including some beautiful rescued barn owls that live in some of the bird boxes across the course. 

Congratulations to our entire team, staff and community. We want to say thank you to the CGCOA, our staff and our community for recognizing all we do for the environment.
Play a round at Cinnabar Hills Golf Club to see our efforts in action.

Superintendent Brian Boyer receives the first Water-Saving Hero Certificate of Appreciation

Brian Boyer, Cinnabar Hills Golf Club's Superintendent, accepts the first Water-Saving Hero Certificate of Appreciation ever awarded by the Santa Clara Valley Water District from Board Chair Gary Kremen.

The Santa Clara Valley Water District recognized Cinnabar Hills as a Water-Saving Hero for our water conservation campaign which includes dedicating a portion of our website to conservation information, sending out conservation messages to our customers and implementing water conservation measures that reduced the amount of water used by the golf course and clubhouse operations by 24.8 percent between March 1 –December 31, 2014 when compared to the same period in 2013. Cinnabar also received a rebate from the SCVWD for converting 77,102 sq. ft. of irrigated turf to drought tolerant native grasses.

Cinnabar Hills is committed to water conservation and has implemented a plan to meet or exceed the 30% water use reduction called for by the SCVWD Board in their March 24, 2015 meeting.  We encourage all Santa Clara County residents and businesses to do the same.  

Cinnabar Hills' Ownership Group Commitment

It’s not unusual for members of the Cinnabar Hills local ownership group to be positively engaged in our community--in fact, it’s "par for the course".

During the recent drought, Cinnabar Hills Golf Club worked closely with the Santa Clara Valley Water District to do its part to exceed water conservation requirements.  While we scientifically managed our water use in the past, during the drought we  implemented new measures to conserve water.

Although all indications are this drought is over in Santa Clara County, we don’t know when the next one will occur.  Water conservation must be a way of life and Cinnabar Hills will continue to conserve, work closely with the SCVWD and view water as a precious resource.  We encourage everyone to do the same.


For more information about what you can do to conserve, visit


Thank you,

Cinnabar Hills Golf Club Ownership Group