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Par 3 & Scramble Tournaments

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Greenkeeper's Revenge Scramble Results

January 4, 2018


Scramble Results

Thursday November 30, 2017

Par 3 Alternate Shot Results

Friday, October 13, 2017

Par 3 Scramble Results:

Thursday, August 31st



July 28th Tournament Summary

Thank you all for participating in our 2nd Par 3 Championship at Cinnabar Hills. This is an exciting event for the staff to host and we look forward to more throughout the year. I hope everyone enjoyed the "new looks" we were able to create to make this event a fun and challenging test. Thank you all again for coming out and making this a great success.

Flight Winners:

1st Flight -

1st Place - Fred Garcia and Bill Condaxis - 56.1 (tiebreaker)
2nd Place - Scott Hoyt and John Schiro - 56.1
3rd Place - Adam Loran and Paul Newman - 57.2

2nd Flight - 

1st Place - Jason Elder and Bob Payne - 53.0
2nd Place - Kenny Koelbel and Marcelo Mariaca - 54.0
3rd Place - Tom Meckenstock and Steve Schulte - 54.3

3rd Flight - 

1st Place - Nate Harbarger and jared Gamble - 52.6
2nd Place - John Parkhurst and Adam Reak - 53.1
3rd Place - Dick Munley and John Pignatelli - 55.2

4th Flight - 

1st Place - Eun Yoon and Yoon Jung Suber - 55.0
2nd Place - SungHea Chang and Myungja Yoon - 59.2
3rd Place - Shannon Mackin and Mike Mackin - 61.0

Overall Winners:

Overall Low Net - David Plack and Jay Dyer - 51.5
Overall Low Gross - Andrew Bowdish and Jody Dartez - 55.0

Overall Low Net Winners: David Plack and Jay Dyer 


Unmatched birdies won skins
Canyon #3 - Ross Huffman and John Unger
Canyon #8 - Fred Garcia and Bill Condaxis
Lake #2 - Mike Bailey and Dominic Carradero

Closest to Pins:

Lake #8 - Adam Reak - 2'1"
Canyon #6 - Scott Carelli - 7'9"

Stats: The 2-man alternate shot format proved to be a tough test, as the average score among the field was a 68.9 (almost 15 over par). Not surprisingly, the three holes in which a skin was won were also the three toughest holes in relation to scoring average (Canyon 3: 4.44; Canyon 8: 4.32; Lake 2: 4.13). There were a total of 38 birdies made on the course; however, there were four holes which no team birdied (Canyon 2, Canyon 7, Lake 4, Lake 5). Par was the most popular score with 172 total pars made across the field. See below for a complete breakdown of the stats:

Stay tuned for our next Par 3 event!