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Golf History Collection


Lee's collection ranges from golf balls and old club trophies, to golf clubs, 100-year-old instructional booklet, and, perhaps the most impressive piece: the Royal Blackheath Captain's Red Coat. Red Coats have been worn by members of The Royal Blackheath Golf Course in London since as early as the 18th Century. The Field Marshal, The Captain, and past-Captains were the only ones wearing tailcoats, while others wear the non-tailed variety. 

Typically, upon the passing of a Past-Captain, his tailcoat would be donated to the Club by members of his close family. These coats are then no longer permitted to leave the Club. Needless to say, having one of the tailcoats in the museum is quite an honor. The letter behind the tailcoat is from one of Blackheath's members, verifying the coat's authenticity.

 The Blackheath Golf Club is said to have been formed in 1608. Their claim to be the world's oldest golf club has remained unchallenged for over 175 years.