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  • Cinnabar Hills only offers one wedding per Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We have function space available for events for up to 250 guests with a dance floor. The ceremony site is only offered with receptions.
  • A 20% service charge will be applied to all fees. This is a mandatory charge and therefore the sales tax will be applied to the service charge amount.
  • We do not provide centerpieces.
  • Parking is complimentary.
  • No rice, birdseed, silk flower petals, or confetti are allowed.
  • Smoking is not allowed in any indoor facilities.
  • Rehearsal times may be limited and are scheduled based upon availability of the facility.
  • All staging, linens and specialty chairs must be ordered through Cinnabar Hills.

Reservations will be held for one week pending receipt of the deposit and signed contract. Reservations that are not confirmed in this time will be considered cancelled. At this time Cinnabar Hills will have no further obligation to the client to reserve the room and will be free to accept other business for the date.

Facility Fees

 The ceremony fee is $1,275. The room rental fee is $1,995. Please inquire about off-season room rental fee.

Guarantees & Minimums

  • We require a minimum of 20 guests for a lunch event and 50 guests for a dinner event.
  • Your minimum guest count must be received 2 weeks before your event. The final count can only be increased after this date.
  • The final attendance guarantee must be received one week before your event. In the event that the client gives no final guarantee, the original estimated attendance would become the final guarantee.

Outside Food and Beverages

  • Due to State Health Department and Alcohol Beverage Control Laws and regulations, all food and beverage must be prepared and served by Cinnabar Hills. The only exception is a wedding/birthday cake that may be provided through Cinnabar Hills or by an outside vendor (cake cutting fees will apply).
  • The clubhouse also allows wine to be brought to an event. A corkage fee will apply for every bottle that is opened.
  • All food and beverage remains the property of Cinnabar Hills at the conclusion of the event. For your safety we do not allow food to be taken from events with the exception of your wedding cake.


  • All floral arrangements and centerpieces must meet current fire and safety regulations. All candles must be contained in a votive or hurricane glass.
  • Items may not be affixed to any stationary wall, floor, window, or ceiling with nails, staples, or tape.
  • The company or person in charge will pay costs of any damage done as a result of unauthorized decorations.
  • The client is responsible for the removal of all decorations.

Tables/Room Design

  • Round tables of ten are customary. A floor diagram will be provided to you upon request.
  • Please indicate the number of guests assigned per table one week prior to your event with your final guest count.

Payment Terms

  • The initial deposit of $2,000 is due upon a secured date and signed contract to confirm your reservation. This deposit is non-refundable.
  • The second deposit is due 6 months before your event equaling half of your minimum expenditure.
  • The final payment is due 5 days before your event. If your final payment is made by check we require a cashier's check.
  • If any additional charges are incurred the night of your event, a payment must be made that evening.
  • All deposits are non-refundable.

Vendor Policy
All vendors are required to remove all equipment, props, décor, etc. at the end of the event. Failure to comply with this policy results in additional fees.

Entrée choices

  • The food selection prices are on the basis of two entrees plus a vegetarian and child's option at no additional fee. For each additional entrée offered $5 per ordered entrée will apply.
  • The quantity for each selection must be provided at the time of your guaranteed guest count.
  • The host must provide place cards to identify your guest entrée choice and should be clearly indicated. Examples: a color coded dot, letters such as (B) for beef, (C) for chicken, (F) for fish, (V) for vegetarian etc.
  • Vendor meals will be served after the event guests. Vendors will be served the same meal as the guests.


  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages will be refused to anyone under the age of 21 years and anyone who does not have proper photo identification.
  • Cinnabar Hills reserves the right to refuse service of alcohol to anyone we judge to be intoxicated.
  • Bar packages are priced for the length of the event excluding ceremony and overtime.
  • Our bar closes one half hour prior to the end of your scheduled event.


  • Cinnabar Hills is not responsible for damage or loss of any merchandise or articles brought onto the property, left unattended or overnight.
  • Your guests must conduct themselves in compliance with all applicable laws, ordinances, and regulations. You will be responsible for any damages caused by your event.

**At Cinnabar Hills, our experienced staff will guide you through this memorable journey, taking the time and steps necessary to ensure your complete satisfaction. We would be honored to host your event and we look forward to working with you to create a memorable occasion.**

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