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2016 Community Environmental Award presented by CGCOA

The California Golf Course Owner's Association (CGCOA) presented The 2016 Community Environmental Award to Cinnabar Hills Golf Club.

The award was presented at the 2016 CGCOA Annual Meeting held at Summitpointe Golf Club in Milpitas, California. CGCOA Board Officer, Michael Lautenbach, presented the award the team here at Cinnabar Hills including Cecilia Ashley, Dir. of Marketing; Ron Zraick, General Manager and Brian Boyer, Golf Course Superintendent. 

The Community Environmental Award is presented to a CGCOA facility or management company that demonstrates excellence in the area of Environmental Stewardship.

Award Considerations:

• Implements practices that reduce use of coveted resources such as water or electricity.

• Has an efficient and convenient recycling program in place for managing waste on course and in the clubhouse (includes bar, restaurant and common areas).

• Encourages on-site natural habitats for birds and other small animals. (i.e. Member of Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program)

• Increases citizen awareness on how golf courses are “friends of the environment” and how golfers can support stewardship efforts. (i.e. course nature tours, recycling waste, educational programs)

Cinnabar Hills Golf Club was chosen for our efforts in both water reduction and overall sustainability. 

Over the past few years Cinnabar Hills has greatly reduced the amount of water used to maintain our beautiful 27 hole facility. And we've worked to spread the word about the importance of water conservation. The combination of water saving measures and our conscious decision to put in more drought tolerant native grasses shows our commitment to water conservation.

Cinnabar Hills is also a great home for wildlife. We know there are hundreds of birds that call the course home, including some beautiful rescued barn owls that live in some of the bird boxes across the course. 

Congratulations to our entire team, staff and community. We want to say thank you to the CGCOA, our staff and our community for recognizing all we do for the environment.

Play a round at Cinnabar Hills Golf Club to see our efforts in action.

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