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Bunker Renovations

2022 Bunker Renovations at Cinnabar Hills

During the Summer months, Cinnabar will continue to re-invest in our facility, this time with a bunker renovation project.  The renovations will include work on over 30 bunkers.  Cinnabar has always had in place a bunker renovation plan, but on a smaller scale, with less bunkers being worked on at one time.  We felt we had a good opportunity to tackle more bunkers than usual and in a shorter period of time to improve playing conditions moving forward.

The process includes:

- The removal of the old sand.

- The drainage is then checked for proper function and if needed removed and replaced with new drainage.  The bunker edges are then restored to original design.  This requires the removal of sand and turf that has built up over time.

- A new spray on liner is then applied to the bunker floor to prevent future dirt or rock contamination to the sand.

- New sand is installed at a depth of 3”- 4” and is then compacted by a vibrating plate machine.  Sod will be placed around the bunkers were needed.  Once adequate grow in has taken place, the bunkers will be open for play.

We are excited to take on this project and give our loyal customer better playing conditions.  While the renovations are continuing, bunkers that are being worked on will be marked as ground under repair.  We appreciate your understanding during this process of course improvements.  Thank you.

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