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Commitment to Community - Drought Awareness

Cinnabar Hills & Our Region’s Water Conservation Efforts

Yes, California has had record rainfall in late 2022 and early 2023.  That’s very good news for the state, the bay area region and for Cinnabar Hills specifically.

That said, at Cinnabar Hills—since mid-2013—we’ve adopted water conservation as a way of life. 

Cinnabar Hills established conservation as a new paradigm to reduce water usage by at least 20%.  Our local ownership and management team established a “Commitment to Community” outlining and implementing several aggressive steps to address meaningful water conservation beginning in mid-2013.  Over the next several years, we conserved an average of 25%, well beyond our goal. In fact, in some years, we exceeded 33%. 

How did we accomplish this—by sheer determination and investment. Determination in that as a local ownership group, we’re committed to bettering our community in any way we can.  Putting our shoulder to the wheel and leading by example has been a hallmark at Cinnabar Hills since our opening in 1998. Significant investments have been made since 2013 in removal of irrigated areas, changing our hundreds and hundreds of sprinkler heads, technology advances together with drone imagery technology so as to use only water where water is needed.  We value the preciousness of the resource—and put more than words to it—we act on it accordingly. Again, our approach stems from our continued interest in being a valued partner in our community and doing, simply, what’s right.

Water conservation in California is and must be a way of life. The bottom line here at Cinnabar Hills is that we are doing our very best, day in and day out, to do our part all while delivering a great golf experience within the best setting in all the Bay Area. We hope you understand and thank you so much for your recognition of our efforts through your continued support of Cinnabar Hills.

To learn more about how you can increase your own water conservation efforts, please visit: VW water conservation website.


Cinnabar Hills Local Ownership Group & Management Team

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