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Commitment to Community - Drought Awareness

Cinnabar Hills & Our Region’s Severe Drought Conditions

As Conservation Continues, We Thank You For Your Support

The Bay Area and entire State of California are in a severe drought. Local authorities have required mandatory water conservation at unprecedented levels.

Since the last significant drought some 8 years ago, Cinnabar Hills established conservation as a new paradigm to reduce water usage by at least 20%.  At that time, our local ownership and management team established our “Commitment to Community” outlining and implementing several aggressive steps to address meaningful water conservation.  Over the next several years, we conserved an average of 25%, well beyond our goal.

But drought conditions have intensified.  We’ve done even more of late to ensure Cinnabar Hills remains a leader and important partner in our entire community’s efforts in water conservation all while delivering what you’ve come to expect—an award winning golf experience and an outstanding venue for delicious food, beverage and events.

Our task is not easy nor is it followed by all golf courses in our area—but as each and all of you step up your own conservation efforts—it’s important for you to know that Cinnabar Hills shares in our region’s water conservation burden. And, we appreciate your support of our efforts more than you know.  Afterall, we think local ownership and a dedicated local management team should respect local priorities.  

As of mid-2021, Cinnabar Hills has reduced it’s water usage more than 33% from 2013 levels.  We’ve accomplished this through many means, methods and investments.  Despite our best efforts, the result of our latest efforts will include firmer and faster fairways with, generally, less lush conditions. But, “less lush” is also true at your business and neighborhood outdoor landscaping settings.  Said differently, our view is that we’re all in this drought together and need to act accordingly, together, in a responsible manner.

To some, we’re not the prettiest we’ve ever been.  To others, we’re more beautiful than ever before. The bottom line is we are doing our very best, day in and day out, to do our part all while delivering a great golf experience within the best setting in all the Bay Area. We hope you understand and thank you so much for your recognition of our efforts through your continued support of Cinnabar Hills.

To learn more about how you can increase your own water conservation efforts, please visit: VW water conservation website.


Cinnabar Hills Local Ownership Group & Management Team

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