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The Five Items Leading up to Your Golf Tournament

Five Items Leading Up to Your Tournament
by Nick Starr
Tournament Director at Cinnabar Hills

1.    Surround yourself with a Dedicatedteam

  • Make sure you have enough volunteers, not only on the day of the tournament, but also in the months leading up to it. You will need people who are as dedicated as you are so that you aren’t the only one pulling the weight.
  • Make sure there is one responsible person in charge in the clubhouse during the golf tournament. The golf course staff needs to have someone they can come to if any questions or concerns arise during the tournament.

2.    Food and Beverage deadlines

  • Cinnabar Hills will ask you for a minimum of two guest counts for the meals before tournament – one 10-day count and one 5-day count. These numbers need to include all players, all volunteers, and the guests who are only coming for the dinner portion of the event. The number you give ten days before the event can increase but not decrease for the five-day count. This what the golf course bases its food order off
  • Many participants aren’t able to join the group for the golf tournament but will come out for dinner. Make sure to have an option for them to sign up for dinner only.

3.    Player Deadlines

  • For the player count, Cinnabar Hills will also need the head count on those same days: 10 days before tournament and then again 5 days before tournament
  • Keep tournament director in the loop. Always, always, make sure to communicate, even if the changes you have seem insignificant. It’s easier to make adjustments in the days leading up to the tournament rather than the day of the event…
  • However…There will always be changes. Be prepared for a few extra people showing up, a few cancelling in the last minute, changes to the foursomes, etc.

4.    We have done these tournaments before

  • Don’t be afraid to ask us for help. We do over 65 of these events each year and will help you if needed. More importantly, keep the lines of communication open. Ask questions if you need anything.

5.    Ask for feedback

  • A good event is one that players, sponsors, and volunteers want to come back to, year after year. Once your event is over, take a quick breather, and then make sure to get in contact with all participants. Ask them how the event was, what was great, what can be improved, and how you can make it an even bigger success the following year.
  • Make sure to send your participants a heartfelt Thank You message.
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